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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Winter Drive

Vinalhaven caught a good sized snowstorm the other day, and finally, after a day and a half of snow, high winds and no ferry service, the sun broke through and the fun of winter driving returned to the island.

The '66 Land Rover has a yellow topped handle on the right side of the transmission tunnel. You give it a pound with your hand and the car goes into high range 4 wheel drive. At that point it can climb over most snow drifts and plunge down lanes that have not seen a plow this winter.

If the snow is really deep, or you need to slow down while still having lots of torque, pull back the red topped lever and you'll select low range 4 wheel drive. At this point the car can trundle across the snow so slowly it does not even register on the speedometer. In 4th gear the car will barely do 25 mph in low range.

The Land Rover makes the job of checking on otherwise-closed summer properties on the island a real treat. It's been a fun afternoon's "work."

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