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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiat Chooses an Abarth Spokesperson

He would not have been my first choice, even in jest, but Fiat has chosen Charlie Sheen to be a spokesperson for their tongue in cheek ads for the new Abarth model.

Take a look at their tv/internet ad here.

I must admit I'm partial to the original Fiat Abarth; the styling strikes me as more upfront, less boy racer. 

 Better yet, Charlie Sheen wouldn't have liked it.

"Oops, Never Mind"

To paraphrase Rosana Danadana, "Never mind."

NHTSA cannot produce its regulations in time for automakers to develop rear camera systems, so the federal agency has done what college students have done for decades - asked for an extension.

Sure, manufacturers know how to construct a center console screen and have it talk to a rear mounted camera. However, the legal profession, the regulators and the auto companies can't decide on just which mode of camera and notification will meet legal liability. Should the camera detect something behind the car, should it beep, or flash a message, or stop the car? How low to the ground should the detection device be mounted, or how high and wide should it scan? Should it be instantaneous with a shift into reverse? How do you engineer manual transmission cars to have this capability? What's the warranty and persona liability if the system fails? Do states have to alter their annual inspections to include this?

Interestingly, when Rolls Royce produced the Camargue in 1975, it installed a fiber optic telltale light and a "park assist control" to help new owners cope with its 16 ft 11 inch length and its 6 ft 3 inch width.