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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Man After My Own Heart

Here's a man after my own heart - a classic car enthusiast who's decided to drive his Model A Ford as his daily driver for a year.

His most recent trip is chronicled here.

I've owned one new car in my life, a 1972 Siimca. Once in the '70's, with a '74 VW Beetle Convertible, and twice in the 1980's, with two Jeep CJ's, I've bought cars manufactured in the same decade as my purchase of them. Otherwise, I've always run very used classic cars as daily drivers.

That has not been without incident, but as Jonathan Klinger maintains in the column above, there's a connection to your landscape, a self-reliance, and a connection to machinery that comes from relying on a classic car rather than just waxing it or writing checks to restorers and mechanics.

Bravo, Jonathan, and keep up your quest!

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