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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chrysler = Lancia?

Autoweek reports that Fiat is going to take the "new" Chrysler 200 and call it a Lancia in Europe.

The Lancia version will come in both the clunky sedan and the antiquated, unsporting convertible. A Chrysler 300 and even a minivan version might appear next year.

Considering that Lancia is generally acknowledged to have built the first GT, and that its vehicles exported here in the 60's and '70's were superbly engineered sports cars and GT's, this move strikes me as pathetic.

I know that Fiat saved Lancia. I know that Fiat saved Chrysler. The Chrysler name in Europe must be mud after their fiascoes with Rootes and Simca. Surely importing mediocre sedans - the 300 needs to shed weight - is not the answer for Fiat.

And we want real Fiats and real Lancias and real Alfa Romeo's back here.

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