The Land Rover Writer

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome back to Jensen?

For decades Jensen produced some of the most iconic British GT automobiles.

The Interceptor had the style and flair that landed it accolades during the '60's and 70's, and it continues to be a highly sought after classic today. The Interceptor FF used a Ferguson-designed four wheel drive system and became the precursor of the Audi Quattro. 

Jensen also produced the bodies for the Austin-Healey and later in the '70's, found itself bought out of receivership by Kjell Qvale, the famous US importer of British automobiles. He revived the marque for several years in producing the Jensen-Healey. 

Like TVR, Marcos and Bristol, Jensen has gone in and out of production over the decades but the power of the marque carries it onward.

This latest effort comes on the heels of other small luxury brands starting up, but it would be nice to see this one succeed.