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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Land Rover Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Land Rover have been brought into the USA since the very early 1950's. The Rover Car Company lined up with US importers in different regions of the country. Both cars and Land Rovers entered the US market with, frankly, poor results in terms of sales.

Right from the beginning in 1948, Land Rovers found willing buyers in markets all over the world. Rover could never make that many of them so the 1,000 - 1,500 sales annually in the US didn't bother them much; they could sell all they could manufacture every year.

British Leyland's corporate ownership meant that Land Rovers now came directly through a British subsidiary, at least until 1974, when Land Rover left the US market because of safety and emissions requirements. That would change in 1987 when Land Rover established a US firm, Range Rover North America, to handle sales and service of the then 17-year old Range Rover.

This year Land Rover celebrates the 25th anniversary of its corporate presence in the USA. They're going to recreate the famous "Most Beautiful Vehicle in the World" ad campaign at the New York Auto Show in April. 

 They've created a video celebrating their 25 years and you can watch it here.


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