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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Passed - Sort Of

Inspection on Monday came on the heels of a matinee performance of "Annie Get Your Gun" [I was a singing/dancing cowboy], striking of the production, two EMS call outs and one ferry ride with a patient that night.

So yawning a lot I slowly drove the the local garage where Todd, the mechanic/owner, waited for the Land Rover. He showed genuine surprise when both directional lights worked, and then wandered around the back to look at the rear lamps. Being a British car, the license plate lamp did not illuminate; fortunately it needed only new peanut bulbs to restore proper lighting. 

Underneath the car the steering and suspension systems looked great until he stared at the front springs. Once again he found the u-bolts that hold the axle in place loose. We've both tightened these a few times over the years, which puzzles the mechanic, me, and Rovers North, who've not heard of these u-bolts loosening up. Fortunately I had purchased a set of 4 u-bolts from Rovers North as backups when the same problem arose in the past. A friend gave me a ride to my storage and even better, I actually found them!

Once he installed the u-bolts he stared at the rust covering the exhaust system and pronounced it "fine for now," but likely to fail shortly [i.e., within the 1 year inspection period]. He also found hypoid oil dripping from behind the brake backing plates in the rear, and found one locating pin loose in the backing plate. So I ordered new hub seals and a backing plate [that must come from the UK], and of course, a new exhaust system. The header pipe on Land Rovers bolt to studs that screw into the exhaust manifold, so I ordered new studs and brass nuts [so they hopefully won't corrode in the future], too.

Satisfied with my orders, the mechanic gave the QE I its 2012 inspection sticker. He'll help me install the new parts later this month.

Now comes the real fun at the Maine Winter Romp this weekend. Off roading!!

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