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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kudos to a Car Club

This article appeared in this morning's email newsletter from Hemmings Motor News.

It offers a heady reminder that classic cars can serve multiple roles in our lives. They can be sources of excessive ego-stroking or they can be sources of communal satisfaction. The cars are object that we imbue with purpose and symbolism; it's what we do with the car that makes us enthusiasts sharing our talents, interests and energies - and of course, hard-earned dollars. 

I admit to envy for those who can afford to have their classic cars restored and detailed so to look brand new, but if all those owners do is display the car, they've missed the main reasons to own classic cars.  Auto manufacturers engineered, designed and sold cars to be driven; if all you do is show the car at events, if you're afraid to drive it because of its "investment value," you're missing the point.

This Georgia Corvette Club refurbished a car for a family that had given so much, and in turn, they created a daily driver that gave them so much in return. Job well done!

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